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Blizzard Beach is a water park located at the Walt Disney World Resort in Bay Lake, Florida. All water areas are heated (at approximately 80 °F or 27 °C), with the exception of the melting snow in the ice cave of Cross Country Creek.
The park opened on April 1, 1995 and was the third Walt Disney World water park. In 2012, the park hosted approximately 1,929,000 guests, ranking it the second-most visited water park in the world, behind its sister park, Typhoon Lagoon.
The majority of the major attractions at the park are hosted atop of Mount Gushmore, an artificial hill with an elevation of 90 feet (27.4 m). Mount Gushmore is split into three colored slopes to aid guests navigating around the park: Green, Red and Purple.

Top Attractions

As voted for by you
1) Summit Plummet
371 votes
2) Teamboat Springs
145 votes
3) Toboggan Racers
69 votes
4) Runoff Rapids
53 votes
5) Slush Gusher
47 votes
6) Cross Country Creek
46 votes
7) Downhill Double Dipper
41 votes
8) Melt-Away Bay
25 votes
9) Ski Patrol Training Camp
17 votes
10) Tike's Peak
16 votes

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See: Blizzard Beach Water Park®

Do: Blizzard Beach Water Park®

Things to do
Summit Plummet
Height Requirement: 48in (122cm) or taller
Type: Water Ride
Description: Take it to the top for a near-vertical drop on one of the tallest, fastest freefall body slides in the world. The most extreme attraction at Disney’s Blizzard Beach, this must-ride slide rockets you down a sheer 120-foot slope. Hardcore thrill-seekers won’t want to miss this “ski jump” that’s so steep, you can’t see where you’re going—until you're there!
Scale the heights of Mount Gushmore then brace yourself for the thrilling ride to the bottom, where a digital stop clock will display your top speed.
Assume the position; push off when you’re ready and let gravity take hold. Plunge 12 stories at unbelievable speeds, hurtle through a darkened tunnel and then emerge in a massive spray of whitewater as you arrive at the end of the 360-foot-long run.
Teamboat Springs
Height: All heights
Type: Water Ride
Description: Fun is a family affair on one of the world’s longest group whitewater raft rides, where up to 6 can get in on the action. Share an inner-tube raft and lots of laughs on this epic whitewater journey down the mountain.
Hop in, hold on and get ready to be propelled through 1,200 feet of twists and turns on this super-long, super-wide waterslide. You’re at the mercy of gravity and unpredictable whitewater rapids as your raft banks left and right and rotates randomly, putting members of your party in the path of drenching splashes and sprays.
Know before you go: Each raft accommodates 4 to 6 Guests. If you have fewer than 4 in your party, you may be asked to ride with other Guests.
Downhill Double Dipper
Height: 48in (122cm) or taller
Type: Water Ride
Description: Race against your friends on these side-by-side waterslides that bring out your competitive streak. A retractable starting gate is all that stands between you and first place.
Anticipation builds as you and your opponent wait on inner tubes at the top of twin enclosed waterslides. As rapids rush by, you exchange glances. Suddenly, the gates retract—and you’re off!
Disappear into a black hole and plummet 50 feet downhill at exhilarating speeds. Hurtle through the dark then emerge into the bright light of day for the final splashdown.
Like in a downhill ski race, flags mark your course and your time will be displayed on overhead digital stop clocks.
Places to eat
Lottawatta Lodge
Dining Type: Quick
Cuisine: American
Service: Counter Service
PriceRange: £10
Reservations: N/A
Description: Get a lotta grub at this alpine chalet: cheeseburgers, chili dogs, pizza, sandwiches, wraps, salads and more. Chill out with frozen novelties and select draft “brew-skis.” All-day refillable mugs and hot and cold drinks are also available.
Frostbite Freddy's Frozen Freshments
Dining Type: Quick
Cuisine: American
Service: Counter Service
PriceRange: £10
Reservations: N/A
Description: Cool your heels with frozen novelties—including Mickey ice cream bars—smoothies, frozen lemonade, bottled beer, an “1800 margarita” or a Long Island iced tea. Whole fruit, cookies and pickles are also available at this snow-capped stand.
Additional Information
Parking/Transport: Guests pay one fee per day to receive a parking pass good for all theme park parking lots.
  • Car/Motorcycle/Taxi/Shuttle/Limo: $15/day
  • Camper/Trailer/RV: $16/day
  • Bus/Tractor Trailer: $19/day
First Aid: If you begin to feel ill or find that you require medical assistance, please visit one of our conveniently located First Aid centres. Nurses are available during normal park operating hours to offer over-the-counter medications, bandages and other quick remedies so that you can begin enjoying your vacation again.
Lockers: Multi-use, key-operated lockers can be opened and closed as often as you like. A $5 refundable deposit is required for the locker key. Keys must be turned in within an hour of park closing.
Cost: Large - $9 per day, Small - $7 per day. (Prices can change without notice)
Multi-Park Locker Rentals: When visiting more than one park per day, simply return your locker key to receive your original $5 deposit. Then, present your receipt (plus the deposit) at the second theme park to gain access to another locker for the remainder of the day at no additional cost.
Stroller Rental: Single Stroller, recommended for children 50 lbs. or less.
Cost: $15 per day.
Multi-Day (Length of Stay): $13
A $100 USD credit card deposit is required for strollers rented at the Downtown Disney area.
Double Stroller, recommended for children 100 lbs. or less. 
Cost: $31 per day
Multi-Day (Length of Stay): $27
Double-passenger strollers are not available for rent at the Downtown Disney area.


Reviews: Blizzard Beach Water Park®

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8 Reviews 0 Wish list
Customer Rating :

Name : Mr Kevin Holley

Date of Visit : Jun 08 2019

Date of Review : Jun 23 2019

Favourite Attraction : Summit Plummet

Review : N/A

Theme Park Tip : N/A

Customer Photo : N/A

10 Reviews 0 Wish list
Customer Rating :

Name : Mrs Tanya Horne

Date of Visit : Jun 01 2019

Date of Review : Jun 16 2019

Favourite Attraction : Runoff Rapids

Review : N/A

Theme Park Tip : N/A

Customer Photo : N/A

3 Reviews 0 Wish list
Customer Rating :

Name : Mrs Linda Bryant

Date of Visit : May 28 2019

Date of Review : Jun 12 2019

Favourite Attraction : Summit Plummet

Review : Raft ride is fun for all family

Theme Park Tip : No charge to park here best way to cool off In the heat

Customer Photo : N/A

4 Reviews 0 Wish list
Customer Rating :

Name : Miss miss s brady

Date of Visit : May 25 2019

Date of Review : Jun 08 2019

Favourite Attraction : Summit Plummet

Review : Favourite out the 2 water parks, slides better.

Theme Park Tip : Water shoes can burn feet . Refillable cups we had 1 and shared.

Customer Photo : N/A

6 Reviews 0 Wish list
Customer Rating :

Name : Mr steven hawgood

Date of Visit : May 22 2019

Date of Review : Jun 05 2019

Favourite Attraction : Summit Plummet

Review : N/A

Theme Park Tip : N/A

Customer Photo : N/A