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Working towards Carbon Neutral
The issue of climate change is something that every responsible company should be actively addressing. Its not just realising the impact companies have on Global Warming, its also realising the responsibility we have to our customers and their expectations that they are partnering with a brand that is conscious of the impact of their carbon footprint.
Here at OAT we are considering all aspects of our business and how we can improve our carbon footprint. The first steps we are taking is to look at how we can reduce non recyclables from our front line ticket products. Some of our suppliers still offer old plastic cards as a ticket option, we believe that this type of product is not sustainable. As a comparison a single credit card size piece of plastic is responsible for 150gCO2-eq. This doesn't sound like a great deal, however, this type of stealth plastic, when multiplied per person, per family across the entire travel industry begins to add significant numbers of CO2 that are completely unnecessary.
How can we solve this problem? The answer is simple. Using tech solutions we can work more efficiently with our suppliers to provide customers with digital tickets at zero CO2 cost. No plastic, no printing and most importantly NO additional CO2 from producing/sending/packaging/delivering tickets via post.
Right now we can all make small choices that add up to big differences. At OAT we do not want to be the company that says...’someone else will probably do something about it...’ We believe our actions can make a difference and as such we are commercially committed to providing our customers with products that are Net 0 CO2-eq/widely recyclable and/or delivered digitally. 
During the recent COP26 Climate Change summit we saw countries all over the world (including USA & China) commit to serious change. As a company we are making changes too and we believe that our customers are equally committed to making responsible choices in reducing the CO2 cost of their travel. This is not a revolutionary act, its something that's widely available to all companies in our sector and is made available by existing technology – we hope that other companies and customers will also act now and stop the unnecessary use of non recyclables.
What can we do right now;
Choose digital tickets or tickets not made from plastics
Choose a delivery method that does not use fossil fuel
Choose an Off-Set project to support that will help reduce your own travel carbon foot print
Our collective decisions matter!
Orlando Attraction Tickets
Working Towards Carbon Neutral