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Discovery Cove is a theme park owned and operated by SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment, a subsidiary of Blackstone Group, and located in Orlando, Florida. It is a sister park of SeaWorld Orlando and Aquatica. At this park, guests can interact with a variety of marine animals, most notably bottlenose dolphins. In addition to swimming with dolphins, Discovery Cove guests can interact with exotic birds, tropical fish, rays, and land mammals

Top Attractions

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1) Dolphin Lagoon
139 votes
2) Dolphin Swim Experience
78 votes
3) The Grand Reef
42 votes
4) Wind Away River
12 votes
5) SeaVenture
7 votes
6) Explorer's Aviary
5 votes
7) Freshwater Oasis
1 votes
8) Serenity Bay
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9) Trainer for a day
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10) North Beach
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Things to do
Dolphin Interaction
Age Requirement: Children must be at least 6 years old to swim with dolphins. Children ages 6-12 must be accompanied by a paying adult who also is participating in the dolphin swim experience.
Type: Animal encounter
Duration: 30 Minutes
Description: Make a friend that will live in your heart forever when you experience the highlight of your day, a one-on-one dolphin encounter. Learn about dolphin behavior and communication. Wade into the dolphin lagoon. Come nose to bottlenose with one of these fascinating and intelligent animals, take hold of its dorsal fin and hold on for the ride of a lifetime.
The highlight of a visit to Discovery Cove is the opportunity to swim with a bottlenose dolphin during a 30-minute interactive adventure. Accompanied by a trainer, small groups of guests wade into shallow water and become acquainted with their dolphin through hugs, kisses and rubdowns. Then, taking the adventure one step further, guests interact with their dolphin in deeper water for an exciting dorsal fin tow ride back to shore.
Explorer's Aviary
Height: N/A
Type: Animal encounter
Description: Venture beyond the beaches and waterfalls of Discovery Cove and enter a hidden treasure, the Explorer's Aviary, where an inspiring natural habitat sings with the rhythm of wings and the melodies of birdsong. Watch as hundreds of colourful birds soar above and around you. Feel your heart soar as a feathered friend glides in to meet you and nibble fruit from your hand.
Serenity Bay
Height: N/A
Description: Slip into the refreshing 80-degree temperature of Discovery Cove's immense and immaculate Serenity Bay. Go for a swim in this pristine pool or simply soak up the sun as you enjoy the sparkling serenity of this fabulous freshwater playground.
Wind-away River
Height: N/A
Type: Water Ride
Description: Ride the soothing currents of a tropical river as it winds past sandy beaches, through a dense rain forest, beneath the rocky terrain of cascading waterfalls, and through an underwater cave. Glance down as you travel and take in the wonders that exist beneath the surface of the crystal-clear water.
Freshwater Oasis™
Height: N/A
Description: Now Open is Freshwater Oasis, an all-new attraction featuring wading adventures and face-to-face encounters with playful otters and curious marmosets. Designed with a rainforest canopy above and sparkling-clear springs below, Freshwater Oasis is a natural fit within Discovery Cove’s tropical vibe. You can relax and explore. You’ll wade, wonder, and float in the water-filled trails. No matter where you turn, you’ll find endless discoveries.        
The Grand Reef®
Height: N/A
Description: Surprises abound. Families can seek discoveries along the water’s edge or cross a bridge to see sharks swimming below. Play hide-and-seek with thousands of beautiful fish, from small colorful wrasses to velvety rays. Further out in the reef, stunning habitats create the feeling of swimming right alongside sharp-toothed reef sharks safely behind glass. You can even take paths and bridges to the reef’s islands and hidden grottos as they delve into the reef from above, around and below.
Age Requirement: At least 10 years of age (guests under 14 years of age must be accompanied by a paying supervising companion). All guests under 18 years of age participating in SeaVenture must have a parent present to view the safety video
Type: Water Experience  
Duration: 25 Minutes
Description: The Grand Reef’s innovative experience, SeaVenture, is an underwater walking tour where, while wearing a dive helmet, you’ll feel right at home under the sea. You don’t even have to have SCUBA certification. Find up-close excitement around every corner, each step yielding a new discovery. Easily climbing down a ladder and setting foot on the reef floor, you’ll come eye-to-eye with sharks through a full, 8-foot-tall, 21-foot long panoramic windows. During the journey, you’ll experience one-on-one touches with unique animals, schools of fish and velvety rays– and even touch unique sea life found along the way. The adventure ends with schools of fish feeding around the divers with the massive open reef as the backdrop. SeaVenture is a once-in-a-lifetime, undersea experience available for a nominal fee. Some say it’s like walking on the moon – but surrounded by fish. The program is about an hour long including orientation (SeaVenture walking tour length is approximately 25 minutes) for groups up to eight people per excursion. 
Insider Tips 
  • If you are planning on visiting Discovery Cove during the summer or near a holiday, you should book your reservation at least one month prior to your intended visit to ensure availability as these timeframes tend to book early.
  • Discovery Cove provides all guests with swim vests and/or wetsuits, a mask and snorkel, towels and beach chairs. Discovery Cove will also provide guests with a sample of specially formulated sunscreen that is safe for use in the animal habitats.
  • Guests should bring their own swimsuits, and, if they choose, water socks or rubber pool shoes, hat, sunglasses and cover-up or dry clothes.
  • For the safety and well being of our marine friends, Discovery Cove guests may not wear jewelry (wedding sets and water proof watches are allowed).
  • A photo ID (e.g., driver’s license, passport) is required for each party member 18 years and older.
  • Discovery Cove provides complimentary transportation to and from SeaWorld Orlando on the day of the Discovery Cove visit. We also provide complimentary transportation to Busch Gardens Tampa for guests whose Discovery Cove package includes admission to Busch Gardens.
Additional Information
Parking: Self-parking at Discovery Cove is complimentary, however, parking admission at our sister parks are not included.
Guests with Disabilities: Discovery Cove can accommodate guests with disabilities who are able to maneuver themselves with limited assistance (or with the aid of a personal assistant) during their dolphin experience and in the various wading locations. Discovery Cove also offers specially-designed outdoor wheelchairs with oversized tires for easy maneuvering on the beach. The wheelchairs are not self-maneuverable and guests will need assistance operating them. Wheelchairs can be reserved by calling 1-877-557-7404.

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Customer Rating :

Name : Mr Chris Barrons

Date of Visit : Jun 03 2019

Date of Review : Jun 17 2019

Favourite Attraction : Dolphin Lagoon

Review : Amazing experience and a bucket list item ticked off

Theme Park Tip : Arrive early and enjoy the full day.

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4 Reviews 0 Wish list
Customer Rating :

Name : Mr Kevin Parker

Date of Visit : Apr 13 2019

Date of Review : Apr 30 2019

Favourite Attraction : Dolphin Swim Experience

Review : Absolutely brilliant day. Loved meeting a 44 year old female dolphin called Dixie. Staff were excellent too. explained everything to us and enjoyed swimming in the pool with the manta rays and tropical fish.

Theme Park Tip : Go early as it is first come first serve. put your towel on a sun lounger before going for breakfast. they provide towels, snorkel equipment and life vests and wet suits. also there is free lockers and sun cream is provided (dolphin friendly)

Customer Photo : N/A

1 Reviews 0 Wish list
Customer Rating :

Name : Mr Ian Cole

Date of Visit : Apr 05 2019

Date of Review : Apr 23 2019

Favourite Attraction : Dolphin Lagoon

Review : What a fantastic day! Everything was perfect, the dolphin experience was very good, and a good length of time in the water with the dolphins. The park was immaculately clean and the food was good

Theme Park Tip : N/A

Customer Photo : N/A

6 Reviews 0 Wish list
Customer Rating :

Name : Mr John Moran

Date of Visit : Dec 01 2018

Date of Review : Dec 15 2018

Favourite Attraction : Dolphin Lagoon

Review : Excellent day out. Even though it poured down with rain most of the day we had a great time. The warm water lazy river was lovely and restful too.

Theme Park Tip : N/A

Customer Photo : N/A

1 Reviews 0 Wish list
Customer Rating :

Name : Miss Ruth Marsh

Date of Visit : Nov 15 2018

Date of Review : Dec 02 2018

Favourite Attraction : Dolphin Lagoon

Review : Enjoy it, I love the fact everything was included.

Theme Park Tip : Get there early and enjoy

Customer Photo : N/A